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Hours Now thru October 31:
Mon-Wed closed;
Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm;
Sun 12-4pm

After-School Art Club. A great stress reducer.

September 2017

Fall is a busy time for families with school and homework and so many extracurricular activities like sports and music.  I want to speak to parents with kids who aren’t into athletics and who’d rather be doodling and drawing instead of well, just about anything else.   As one of those kids–all grown up now– the act of creating art is actually a “down” time.  It’s not just one more thing on my list that needs to be done everyday; it’s what helps me get through every day.  My creative side actually helps me relax and unwind—in other words, it de-stresses me, still does.

For parents with super creative kids who LOVE art and can’t seem to get enough of it—I applaud you for supporting their habit.  I know it’s not cheap.  Art supplies are pricey and their drawings are probably stacking up everywhere.  Mike Q., Kirkwood resident and father of two girls who also LOVE art, says, “Yucandu is an open and collaborative experience, which is just what our oldest daughter needs.  It’s hard to find something that a 6 1/2 year old can be passionate about.  And Yucandu is the place where she can do it; it’s by far her favorite place.  She LOVES it.  Her real passion is art right now.” “The paint covered tables alone say come in and make something.  We certainly don’t have this at home.”

So, keep putting art supplies in front of your kids.   Sign them up for classes and workshops if this is their passion at this stage.  Sign them up for our After School Art Club if they love art.  Worried about over-scheduling your artsy kids?  There is an actual relationship between making art and stress reduction.  During class, you can see the kids arrive a little wound up, even a tense.  But once we start our project and they get drawing or painting or just being in a creative atmosphere, they soon relax.  Some kids get chatty, some quiet with concentration, but they all get into it and time flies by for them to the point that they’re always surprised when it’s over.  Yucandu Art club is designed to be challenging in the sense we try new things or take traditional projects to new skill levels, but these artsy kids LOVE this challenge and thrive with the amazing materials we provide them.

If our Art Club doesn’t fit into your schedule or budget, we have plenty of other opportunities.  First, the open-studio is always available to you.  For only $4/hour or $12/day, the studio fee gets you use of our tools and space, our assistance and help AND you get to leave the mess behind—talk about a stress reducer!  If you want this to be a family time, the studio fee is always half-price 6-8pm Thursday thru Saturday evenings. Click here for more information about Open-Studio.

Yucandu also has several workshops you can sign them up for.  There are two right now that “yucandu” WITH your kids if you want to and several where you can drop off your kids.  Here is the current list of workshops for this fall:

Join our After-School Art Club.  The pace is relaxed and our studio is perfect for getting messy!  Throughout 10 sessions, we use artist quality materials, do artist studies and work in a variety of techniques. Yucandu Art Club is an excellent value–sign up today!  $175*
Register by calling 314-963-4400 or online by clicking here.

Grades K-2nd  meet Mondays or Tuesdays 4-5:30pm.
Grades 3rd-6th meet Thursdays, 4-5:30pm.
Register online or by phone 314-963-4400.

Private K-6th
Have an private Art Club for your own group of kids.  Be the first to pick your day of the week.  Wednesdays or Fridays, 4-5:30pm

First Thursdays, 6-8:30.  Grades 4th thru Adult

This is an exciting and ongoing project where you can keep adding to your Smash Book at our workshops and/or at home.  We hope you come every month, but they are priced so you can pick and choose how many and how often you attend.  Your first Smash Book Workshop, you will receive a Starter Kit and at each workshop thereafter you will receive an Add-On Kit for ongoing continued work for your Smash Book (which has infinite possibilities).  Each workshop will include instruction, inspiration, supplies and a new demonstrations.  $24*

Couples & parent/child are welcome to share kits.  You may purchase as many kits as you like.

Sign up today by calling 314-963-4400 or by clicking here.
*Cancellations receive take home kits.

What’s a smash book?  It’s an informal and on-the-move scrapbook.  It’s spontaneous and current.   The basic elements are similar to scrap booking, EXCEPT, it’s spontaneous, current (like a journal) and requires NO planning –just fun.

Kids Art Night Out - First Friday Art WorkshopsFirst Fridays for Kids, Grades K-5th
6-8:30PM  Long enough for YOU to have a night out! 
Each month, KANO features a new & creative project, ranging from mosaics, to collage, painting, and more.
 Pack a sack dinner or healthy snack.   $38
Sign up today by calling 314-963-4400 or by clicking here.

Drawing Monsters with guest local artist & instructor Todd Tevlin
Friday, Oct 6. 6-8:30pm 

Hey Kids! Do you like to scare your parents? Always looking for new and creative ways to terrify your siblings? Want to draw creatures who will do your bidding and wreak havoc inside the paper you drew them on? Then this class is for you! Taught by local artist, Todd Tevlin.

This two hour class will teach children (ages 7-11) how to draw monsters (mainly cartoon/comic style monsters, not anything scary) and will work on the basics of building a character out of shapes using different kinds of body parts and other accessories, as well as different techniques for texturing and coloring them. We’ll also do a fun “roll the dice” monster creation to see how we can make a functional monster with limited body parts. Lastly, they will get to take their creations home in a nice matted frame!
Register today 314-963-4400 or online by clicking here.

Monotype Printing Workshop for Adults & Kids
Sat, October 7, 10am to 12pm

Monotype printing is a liberating and fun medium – a process that combines both painting and printmaking techniques! In this workshop, parents and children will be layering colors of acrylic paint with brayers and stencils and Gelli plates to create rich and exciting prints! Each participant will create 6 mono-prints and gets to matte their favorite!  $24per person*
Sign up today.

Instructor:  Mary C. Nasser, MFA: Studio Art

A fun evening of spooky crafts, popcorn & cider.  You drop off the kids & enjoy an evening out.  $45

Fridays 6:30-9pm.  Oct 13, Oct 20 or Oct 27
Saturday, 6:30-9pm.  Oct 21
Call 314-963-4400 to sign up or click here.
Or “Yucandu” a Private Party Workshop!  Call 314-963-4400 for details.


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