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Celebrating 10 Years


A lot happens in 10 years, most of it gradually.  One true mark of time? Our kids grow up!  Holly and I met when our boys were eight years old and now they, and Holly’s other four children, are grown and living their dreams.  My how time does fly.  Holly and I have watched our business grow as well as our families and friendships.  In the studio, the colorful layers (and layers) of paint on the tables have also mark the years–proof that thousands of folks have painted art projects here over the past decade. 

Other subtle changes have also shown how “times-are-a-changin”.  When Yucandu  opened, few small businesses had websites.  Holly and I took an SBA class just to know where to start!  Who knew Google back then?  Our digital camera and its huge learning curve, were also new.  Snail-mail postcards were the way to contact customers–now email, which is much easier, incredibly cheaper and basically better.  Checks!  Everyone wrote checks back then.  One of my favorite changes is the “square”, which we use for art fairs–no more carbon slips–yes!  Honestly, I can’t imagine trying to run a business without the internet, a website, email or those nifty apps.  How lucky are we?

Starting this out-of-the-basement, think-outside-the-box endeavor has been more creative and challenging than we had imagined–and we’ve loved every bit.  So we say to our customers, thank you for your support and encouragement, for sharing your amazing children with us, and especially for trusting Yucandu with your wonderfully creative selves.

And to our staff members, past and present, we say thank you for your passion, for countless times of climbing ladders and cleaning brushes, and for your ongoing loving dedication to Yucandu.  Mary, our amazing accountant, thank you for your over-and-beyond dedication to our vision.   To our husbands and families, thank you always, for your endless help and for your love.

Kim Harris & Holly Smith, Co-Owners, Yucandu Art Studio

Kim & Holly celebrating Kim’s 50th this summer–yet another milestone.

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