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Open Studio Hours:
Wed-Sat 10am-6pm;  Sun 12-4pm
Open Studio Nights:
Second Fridays 6-9pm with reservation.

You Can Do Yucandu for Less, FIVE Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Next Visit…

A few years back, while returning a rental car, the clerk asked my husband, “Is there anything we could have done better for you?”  Wow!  A powerful question that actually made us stop and think…Hmmm, was there?  Now, I ask the same question of our guests at Yucandu…a vulnerable moment, but a truly helpful dialogue begins.  The feedback?  That our studio and staff are AMAZING, but they wish we had a few more less expensive options.  I’ve taken a hard look at our prices these past few weeks and have actually lowered prices on most of our projects.  We received some great discounts this year so far, and I really want to pass the savings on to you.

I also recently designated shelves for painted projects at $25 and under.  I totally get that if you’re bringing in three kids to do art, it can get pricey.  So, I’ve written up FIVE budget-friendly tips for your next visit to Yucandu…

  1. Use our Projects Forms for YOUR benefit. We fill out a form for each project, the one where we write all the sku numbers?  …Anyway, there is also a price column, which is actually for you to use to help ensure no big surprises at check out.  Kids seem to like helping recording this stuff…being part of the process.
  1. Encourage creativity within boundaries, which can actually challenge the creative thinking process in a great way! Our Artsy Additions are one of the best parts of our studio.  It’s where you can add little items to further personalize your project.  They’re not necessary, but they sure are fun!  The little items are geared towards adults as well as kids, and individually priced between .25 to $6, a price point for everyone.  Customers love how they can purchase singles, rather than a whole package of something. You can help control spending by shopping that area for your kids. While they’re working on their projects, you can narrow down the options.  For example, if they’re painting a paper mache dog, go pick out a handful of ribbons and a few dog tags, and let them choose their favorites.

  1. Math AND art. My biggest regret as an artist is that I did not study math more in school.  As a young artist, I’m SURE I would have been motivated to do math if my parents gave me a budget to spend on an art project and art supplies!  (I would have LOVED having a studio like this to go to when I was a kid.)  Art +  budget = a wonderful life lesson.
  1. Take advantage of studio fee specials. It’s $5/hour OR $12/for the whole day.   OR you can purchase our STUDIO FEE PUNCH CARD for $50 (a $100 value).  You get 20 hours at half price and you can share it, split it up with family, guests, and different projects.   What’s the studio fee for?  It enables you to use our space & tools, receive our help & instructions and best part of all, leave the mess behind.

  1. Sign up for a workshop, Art Club or a camp. The open-studio is very open-ended with prices ranging $25 to $150 plus a studio fee.  BUT workshops, clubs, and camps have preset projects and prices that are all inclusive of supplies and studio fees. AND BONUS, when you drop off the kids, you can take a little time for yourself while they’re being super creative with all those cool supplies.  Kids LOVE our workshops, and parents do too!  

With all that being said, I will continue to choose quality materials.  For the past 20 years, when creating projects and choosing supplies, I always ask myself, “Would I want these materials in my home?”  …And does it uphold our Yucandu mantra?…”If you give kids great art supplies, they love the process AND make great art!

Hope to see you soon.  And please, let us know what we can do better…in person preferably:)

~Kim, Owner



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