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Why Activity Stores Are More Popular Than Ever

Why Activity Stores Are More Popular Than Ever


Arts and crafting is a huge, and still growing, market, so it’s safe to assume that people LOVE to create! We here at Yucandu have especially seen the demand for activity stores surge in popularity over the past year. Frankly, we love seeing people of all ages and backgrounds get creative. Here are a couple of ideas why we think activity stores are going to be all
the rage this year:


Pinterest is just as popular as its ever been, which means that more people than ever are interested in making things for themselves. Pinterest is a wonderful source for unlimited DIY project ideas. Of course, sometimes you need a little extra help understanding a tutorial. Or perhaps what you’re working on just isn’t turning out quite like you’d like it to. So come to the professionals! Bring your next Pinterest project in to Yucandu and we’ll help you bring it to life!

Priceless Experiences

People are looking for unique and memorable ways to connect with friends and family, and they’re doing it over quality creative bonding time! For us there’s nothing more rewarding than watching a group of ladies laughing and talking while making a project, or experiencing first-hand the wonderment a child has when he or she learns (and masters!) an art technique. So why not create your own unforgettable memories in the name of art and fun with friends and family? Ladies’ Nights are always a hoot, and kids love getting creative at birthday parties.

Less Art at School

It seems like we read a new story almost every day about public schools cutting art programs due to budget slashing issues. With the loss of these valuable art programs, parents are seeking out extracurricular creative outlets for their children. Fortunately, we offer summer camps and workshops designed specifically for kids to flex their creative muscles!


At Yucandu, we have the highest quality, artist-grade products and materials at your fingertips. The beauty of an activity store like ours is that help is always nearby to assist you with whatever project has captured your imagination. And, as always, no appointment is necessary!

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