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 Art Doesn’t Have To Match Your Sofa

 Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa

I think the temptation for decorating any room in the house is to choose paint colors and art that perfectly matches the aesthetic of the room. Some people refuse to let their inhibitions go or to take creative risks when it comes to the art they decide to put up on the walls or on the shelves. But I’ll tell you one thing very plainly: art doesn’t have to match your sofa. Your home should reflect your personality and the personality of your family. The art your kids create, the colors you choose for the walls, and the items you display on shelves are all an extension, a reflection of you, your children, and your loved ones. So it’s time to stop worrying about matching everything perfectly to your carpet or your couch, or trying to copy the most current trends. It’s time to get personal. Here are a few of my insights to get your creative juices flowing, and to allow your art to tell the story it was meant to tell.

1. Don’t Think About What Colors You SHOULD Choose

Perhaps rather than asking yourself or your children, “What color will match your room?” ask, “What is your favorite color TODAY?” That color may be different from yesterday or it may change tomorrow. But aren’t you curious what color that may be? Does it match their mood or their eyes? What memory is that color bringing to mind? Think about what inspired these ideas and pursue them. Allow some time for contemplation and perhaps see it as an interesting opportunity for meaningful conversation.

2. Capture Moments in Time

Capture the moment of what you or your child is feeling and what their abilities are at that particular time. My favorite projects that my now 30-something-year-old son made are the ones where his signature is perfectly backwards and the house he drew has eyes. Or perhaps you worked long and hard on a project of your own. That is worth displaying. Each art project is like a snapshot and it’s wonderful to look back in time and see memories and growth. Where else will you pay homage to these testaments to yourself and your loved ones if not in your own home?

3.    A Good Frame Balances Everything

Keep in mind, ANY artwork, if framed properly, will match your sofa. If you invest in high-quality frames, you’ll not only give your art the shrine it deserves but you’ll be able to compliment the overall aesthetic of the room while balancing out the eclecticism of the art you choose to display. A good frame can be a piece of art in and of itself, further adding to the value of your art pieces and the aesthetic of your room. I’ll discuss this concept in more detail in a future blog post!  When in doubt, always go with a wide white matt around your artwork—even a scribble looks amazing in a wide white Matt with a thin black metal frame!

At its core, art tells a story. When it comes to displaying art, worry less about “matching” or conforming to what you THINK you should choose. Instead, let art and color tell a unique story that is ultimately a reflection of you and your family.

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