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5 Fun Ways To Use Letters In Your Decor

5 Fun Ways to Use Letters in Your Decor

Using letters in your decor is a bold and fun way to personalize any room in the house. If the Yucandu Pinterest board is any indication, we’re huge fans of incorporating letters into home decor. Letters provide endless opportunities for customization and getting creative. Here are our tips for using letters in your own decor.

#1. In Bedrooms

Letters in Decor Kids Room

Letters are a lovely way to spell out the name of your little one in his or her nursery or room. Mount it horizontally above the bed or crib. Or attach the letters and hang them vertically in a corner. You can keep it even simpler with a single initial. Surround it with an empty frame in the color of your choice for added dimension.

Similarly, for adults, decorate the master bedroom with a “Mr. & Mrs.” or your initials above the bed. A photo collage of your wedding/honeymoon photos on your initials or a word that means something to the two of you is another great way to celebrate your marriage.

#2. In Living Rooms

Create a collage of your last name’s initial in varying colors, sizes, and textures for the living room or foyer. A single large initial strategically placed among a collage of framed photos is also a bold statement that will definitely stand out.

#3. In Kitchens/Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms/Offices

Featuring a letter that’s relevant for these rooms is a great way to add personality to them. Try words like “Family”, “Eat”, “Wash”, “Good Morning”, “Laundry”, “Create”—or whatever you like!

#4. On Front Doors

Greet visitors when they come to the door with a cheery letter! Add your initial to a front door wreath or hang it from ribbon. You can also spruce up your address by attaching house numbers in a contrasting color to your initial. Spray painting the numbers directly onto the letter is another fun approach, too.

#5. In Gardens

Mosaic Letters in DecorMosaic Letters Stepping Stone

Mosaic the letters of your favorite word for a gorgeous stepping stone walk-way, garden sign, or memorial stone for a beloved pet.

Get Creative with Letters!

Once you figure out where you want your letters to go, there are a million ways to add your personal style to them.

  • Cover them with fabric, decorative paper, yarn, washi tape, glitter, flowers, buttons…you name it!
  • Spell out a favorite destination (Paris, London, New York, etc.), adhere a map of that place and put it on display where you’ll always be reminded of it.
  • Make a holiday-themed letter (think X-Mas or 4th of July) with relevant color schemes and symbols.

The Low-Down on Letters

You can find standalone letters in every craft store chain, but we custom designed our font in such a way so that they are incredibly durable. They’re easy to add almost all types of materials to, like mosaic tiles, grout, and knick-knacks (if you so desire). You can also paint and collage them! Plus, they’re thick and can stand on there own, if hanging them isn’t your style. Basic cardboard letters simply won’t give you the versatility you need to get creative!

Gorgeous Handmade Papers Now Available

Yuncadu Art Studio Handmade Papers

Try your hand at letter decor with our new collection of handmade papers, which are perfect for adding to your letter decor project. These wonderful handmade papers have arrived for YOU to use on our mixed-media projects in the Open Studio. All of our papers are also available to purchase separately, by the ounce, for creating your own mix & match scrap packs for collage projects at home.

We’re also happy to announce that now through June 30th, you can get 20% off any ONE Yucandu project! This is the perfect time to make letters for your home—just be sure to present this coupon the next time you come in!

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