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How “Yucandu” Garden Art!

How “Yucandu” Garden Art!

Summer is in full swing! No doubt you’re spending more time than ever outside, whether that’s in the backyard with the kiddos or hanging out on the patio. Add some personality to your flower beds, front stoop, or the entire garden with—you guessed it—garden art! We have so many great ideas on how you can take the art outside with projects meant precisely for your garden.

Mosaic Garden Art

Ancient civilizations like the Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans LOVED creating mosaics because of how intricate and beautiful they can be. We think they’re especially wonderful in the garden. Mosaics allow people to get really creative, and once you figure out the basics, there’s nothing you can’t turn into an amazing work of art! Mosaic stepping stones for your garden are lovely projects you can tackle right here in our studio, either as a solo or group project. We’ll even show you how!  These also make the perfect markers for our furry loved-ones that have passed on.


Mosaic Garden Art Letters Stepping Stone

Mosaic Bench Garden Art Yucandu Art Studio

We have to give a shout-out to the Gateway Mosaic Artist Association (GMAA) for graciously donating their time and talent to work on the bench above during the Webster Arts Fair. This gorgeous mosaic bench now sits proudly outside our studio, and is the perfect example of how a bench mosaic is the perfect group project! Doesn’t that make you want to rally a group of friends to make one of your own?  You can do your own cement bench by purchasing your tiles and adhesive at Yucandu and we will show you how to do this family project that is sure to be a favorite heirloom.

Garden Art for the Kiddos

Clay Flower Pot Garden Art Mosaic Rim

If mosaics are a bit challenging for your little ones, flower pots and birdhouses just might do the trick! Flower pots are the perfect way for little guys and gals to contribute to your garden art. They can paint them, add stones (like a mini-mosaic!), or whatever their hearts desire.

Adult Mosaic Workshop

Get your feet wet and join us for the Mosaic Stepping Stone Workshop for Adults on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 6-8:30pm to learn how to cut stained glass and how to use nippers, a wet saw, and a grinder. This workshop is BYOB, so bring a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage along, too!

We Can Help with Your Garden Project!

As always, we’re always available to help you with your projects! Whether it’s providing inspiration, teaching a group of your friends, or lending our expertise to the nuances of your garden art project, we want to help bring it all to life!

Come visit us for an Open Studio session or give us a call at (314) 963-4400 to schedule a group project!

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