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Hours Now thru October 31:
Mon-Wed closed;
Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm;
Sun 12-4pm

Holiday Workshops for Kids
“Your staff are so amazing. You should truly be proud of the caliber of very professional, genuinely kind and gentle, and so patient ladies that run these workshops. My kids just cannot get enough and they are always treated with such respect. Thank you!” ~Rebecca Jabouri

A fun evenings of spooky crafts!  You drop off the kids & enjoy an evening out.  We expanded the age range to Grades K thru 5th.

Haunted House 6:30-9pm.  Fri Oct 15.  $45*
Paint & decorate a paper mache house with all sorts of spooky stuff.

Halloween Lantern 6:30-8:30pm.  Sat Oct 16, $65*
Create a diorama inside this 15″ tall black metal lantern with an amazing selection of ghoulish goodies.

Halloween Craft Party 6:30-9pm.  Fri Oct 22 OR Sat Oct 23, $55*
Make 3 small spooky projects.  Paint, paper, coffins, bats & more!

*All registrations are final.  Cancellations receive take-home kits.

Details Price Qty
Haunted House 6:30-9p  Fri Oct 15$45.00 (USD)  
Halloween Lantern 6:30-8:30p  Sat Oct 16$65.00 (USD)  
Halloween Craft Party 6:30-9p Fri Oct 22$55.00 (USD)  
Halloween Craft Party 6:30-9p  Sat Oct 23$55.00 (USD)  

Kick-off the holiday spirit making holiday decorations!  Kids will make THREE ornaments perfect for keeping or gift-giving.  $55*

Details Price Qty
Fri Nov 12, 6-8pm$55.00 (USD)  
Sat Nov 13, 10am-Noon$55.00 (USD)  

You drop off the kids (and hit the sales!) while they make & wrap FOUR gifts.  Bring sack lunch or dinner.  $100*

Details Price Qty
K-5th, Fri Nov 26, 9am-2pm$100.00 (USD)  
K-5th, Sat Nov 27, 9am-2pm$100.00 (USD)  
K-5th, Sun Nov 28, 9am-2pm$100.00 (USD)  
3rd-6th, Fri Nov 26, 3-8pm$100.00 (USD)  
6-9th, Sat Nov 27, 3-8pm$100.00 (USD)  

You drop off the kids & they become creative elves. They make & wrap THREE fabulous gifts you are sure to LOVE.  No peeking! $65*

Details Price Qty
Sat Dec 4, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Sat Dec 4, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Sun Dec 5, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Sun Dec 5, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Sat Dec 11, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Sat Dec 11, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Sun Dec 12, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Sun Dec 12, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Sat Dec 18, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Sat Dec 18, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Sun Dec 19, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Sun Dec 19, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Mon Dec 20, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Mon Dec 20, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  
Tues Dec 21, 9-11:30am$65.00 (USD)  
Tues Dec 21, 12:30-3pm$65.00 (USD)  

Drop off your teens so they can make & wrap THREE gifts for friends & family.  $65*

Details Price Qty
Fri Dec 10, 6:30-9pm$65.00 (USD)  
Fri Dec 17, 6:30-9pm$65.00 (USD)  

The kids have creative fun while you run those post-holiday errands.  Bring sack lunch & healthy snack.  $75*

Details Price Qty
Mon Dec 27, 9am-2pm$75.00 (USD)  
Tues Dec 28, 9am-2pm$75.00 (USD)  
Wed Dec 29, 9am-2pm$75.00 (USD)  

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with art & craft projects followed by our countdown to the Stomping of the Bubble Wrap.  Bring sack lunch/dinner. $45*

Details Price Qty
Fri Dec 31, 10am-12:30pm$45.00 (USD)  
Fri Dec 31, 6-8:30pm$45.00 (USD)  


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