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We’ve been doing this for how long?

Holly and I have been running this business for over 9 years, and the patina on the tables is beginning to show it!

Folks ask us all the time how we’re doing. Well, we’re doing fine actually. We’ve grown a little each year despite the recession. And we still LOVE what we’re doing, Holly and I are still great friends and we have shared this place with over 10,000 families—that’s the YOU in Yucandu.

Over the years, we’ve said many times that this place makes time simply vanish, whether you’re working on a project or helping others work on theirs. But, I’m not just talking about hours, its years too! About this time every summer, past teenage employees, now in college and graduates too, stop in to say hello. What amazing young adults they’ve all grown into. And we’ve loved being a part of their lives.

And oh, the kids—your kids! We’ve watched them grow into such beautiful young people. What an incredible way to watch time disappear—it’s all pretty awesome. Many of them stop in and ask, “Do you remember me?” Yes! And we love to hear how they still have their Yucandu projects too.

It caught me one day when a 7 year old said to me, “I’ve been coming here since I was born!” I realized I’d been doing this longer than this walking, talking person, whose painting at this very table, had even been on this planet. About 5 years ago, a pregnant customer’s water broke while she was working on a project. A month ago, that baby was here at the store making stuff! Crazy. But keep them coming. We love it.


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