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 Fall Hours:
Wed & Thurs 10am-6pm; Fri 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12-4pm
Closed Mon & Tues 


Collage is a fun mixed-media technique in which you assemble different parts to create a brand-new…anything! You can collage or decoupage just about any kind of project—frames, boxes, canvases, paper maché animals, wood plaques and so much more.

Amazing Materials

At Yucandu, you’ll discover amazing materials that will bring your collage to life. An entire rainbow of handmade and printed papers, vintage books and ledgers, and fun finds like bingo sheets and monopoly money are available along with the perfect glue for any material or technique.

Personalize Your Project

To further personalize your project, add a fun accent or two to your project. Our “Artsy Additions” are individually priced and include pewter words & letters, colorful ribbons & flowers, brass crowns & wings, metal gears & keys, and tons more. You’re also welcome to incorporate something special from home.

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