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Mosaic Party

A Mosaic Party is a $460 flat rate that covers up to 10 artists.  It’s $46 per additional guest, with the ability to host a total of 24 artists during open hours or 40 after hours.  Call 314-963-4400 to book your party.


Add a glitter pen or headband project to your party for only 7.50pp.

Samples are available for inspiration, however your project can be as original as you like!

Mosaic Dry-Erase Board
Explore creativity with our Mosaic Dry Erase Board project!  Paint and mosaic a wood plaque using our diverse buffet of materials. Embrace a no-grout mosaic method, and add a touch of sparkle with optional microfine glitter glue.  The ceramic tile surface is perfect for writing messages, and it includes a dry erase marker and holder.
*See below for glue & grout info.

Mosaic Plaque
Add a touch of mosaic artistry to your space. Designed for easy hanging with a built-in-keyhole, choose from a selection of mirrors:  Heart, Butterfly, Bunny, Fleur-de-Lis, Crown, Mushroom, Rainbow, Circle Mirror or Square Mirror. These projects are designed to hang with a built-in key hole in the back.  The supplies can include papers too–like on the sample bunny photo.
*See below for glue & grout info.

Mosaic Wood Dish
Create a mosaic on a quality wooden dish.  Looks amazing grouted or not grouted. 


*Glue & Grout Info:
There is an additional $4 fee for our special no-grout “baked”adhesive, where glitter can be added if wish.  
Otherwise all mosaic projects will use a mosaic glue that is applied to each tile individually and can be grouted or not grouted.
If you choose to grout your projects, you have 3 options: 
1.  You can have a return visit to grout your projects yourself with no studio fees.  OR
2. You may take home individual grout kits that will be custom prepared for you at the party. OR
3.  You may hire us to grout your project for you, where the rate is $20 per hour and party projects take about 1 hour each.  Your guests do not need to all make the same choice.

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