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Kids Visiting This Weekend? Come To Yucandu!

Kids Visiting This Weekend? Come to Yucandu!

Jeff is a divorced dad of two adorable kids—Will, 7, and Eva, 9. Jeff gets to see his children every other weekend and he wants his time with them to be incredibly special and memorable. Over the past year, Jeff, who lives in Kirkwood, feels like he’s exhausted all of his ideas for fun activities and simply doesn’t know how else he can make the upcoming weekend exciting for Will and Eva. It seems like they’ve gone to the movies every weekend for months now! So what’s a dad like Jeff to do?

We hear from divorced parents like Jeff all the time—they’re tired of doing the same-old, same-old on the few weekends they have their kids staying with them. They of course want to make coming to mom or dad’s place a positive experience to look forward to. Have no fear – Yucandu is here! Creating art together—whether it’s an impulse craft or an on-going project—is an engaging and special way to bond that will no doubt remain in your child’s memory for years to come.

Projects for Boys

Divorced Parents and Kids ActivityYucandu is a great option for boys ages 5-12 because they love to use our mosaic tools, and we have many options for them, including sports team “artsy additions” and projects (Go Cards!).  We can provide many templates on-hand, can help you find something specific you have in mind or can even help sketch if need be—like on this Cardinals clock. Don’t want to paint it?  We’ll print out the image and you can just glue it down—we’ll teach you how and what glues to use. Clocks are also a favorite here—kids are so impressed with themselves that they made something that really works and can contribute to a function in the home.

Project for Girls

Girls ages 5 through college-age LOVE our studio. It’s a great place to participate in making projects, or to just watch adoringly, take pics, knowing they’re being creative and in a safe environment (air conditioned with comfortable chairs). Younger kids love to paint, tweens love to collage and the older kids love to mosaic—we know how to teach it, we have all the supplies and tools and they get to leave the mess behind!

If you can’t finish in one sitting, it’s no problem. We’re big fans of repeat visits! Plus, we always encourage kids (and their parents) to do their best work, which means not rushing through. You can start your project one visit and finish it the next time the kids are spending the weekend with you.

Like the Yucandu Experience? Try the Frequent Customer Card

If Yucandu bonding time becomes a bi-monthly ritual for you and your kiddos, we’d love to reward you for it! We created a Studio Hours Card for our frequent guests—and right now it’s 50% off! You can save 50% on your studio fees when you purchase a Studio Hours Card.

The card has 25 hours, valued at $100 and is on SALE for $50! This card is perfect for families to share, for larger projects, and for our frequent and bestest guests!

If you’re a divorced parent, figuring out what to do on the weekends shouldn’t be a struggle. Both you and your kids should look forward to your time together. Visit us at Yucandu Art Studio for memorable moments between you and your kiddos.

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