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Fall 2020
Open-Studio Hours: 

Mon-Wed Closed
Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm
Sun Noon-4pm

Heartfelt Presents Coming Our Way

Count down to Mother’s Day!  Twelve days before receiving a heartfelt gift and hug from our kids–They LOVE giving them as much as we love receiving them.  It’s especially endearing how our kids love to surprise us with something they’ve made– sometimes choosing our favorite color, sometimes theirs.  No matter the project or color–whether it’s rainbow or rainbow turned brownish-gray, the art-filled memories last forever!

…as a young girl, I LOVED giving handmade gifts to my Mom and Dad for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day AND their birthdays.  Their eyes always lit up as I would carefully handover whatever project I’d spent my creative energy on, probably earlier that day.  I would scrounge up whatever I could around the house to build or paint my masterpieces—never once dreaming that one day I would own a studio that would be filled with supplies beyond my imagination.

I wonder what it would have been like to have a place like Yucandu to go to at that age.  The projects!  The possibilities!  The presents, the many, many presents!  ~Kim

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