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What Do You Give To The Person Who Has Everything?

What Do You Give to the Person Who Has Everything?


We all have that person to shop for this holiday season: he or she seemingly has everything, which makes giving them something meaningful all the more difficult. Perhaps they tend to buy things for themselves when they want them, or knowing what they would like is hard to peg down. Don’t stress—the trick is to give those folks something from the heart!

Give Something Heartfelt

Yucandu has you covered. As an open-studio, you could say that all we do is specialize in heartfelt gifts! Creativity is all about bringing your imagination to life—it’s personalized and can’t be replicated. It puts your personal mark on something that no one else has created. Now, when you make something for someone, it shows that you’re taking the time, effort and creativity to create something specifically for them. It becomes priceless.

So think about the person– What do they mean to you? What moments have you shared together? What’s going on in their life? What do they enjoy? What reminds you of them? Take a few moments to think about this person and then get cracking.

What to Create

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few suggestions of what you can create for the person who seems to have everything:

  • Craft a pendant. Make it more sentimental by including something from home like one of Grandma’s old buttons or keys.
  • Decorate a paper mache box and fill it with St. Louis-specific things for the out of town friend.  Yucandu even has Missouri and St. Louis wooden cutouts.  Include their favorite quote or saying–we’re happy to print out anything you need.
  • Mosaic or paint a frame and include a picture of the two of you.
  • Create a unique Christmas ornament or snow globe

Or maybe you found something perfect on Pinterest that you’re not quite sure how to make. Bring it to us and we’ll help bring it to life! With artist-quality tools and supplies on hand, we have everything you need to make your project the priceless, unforgettable gift it’s meant to be.

And of course, our talented staff is here to help give you ideas or to assist you with any project needs. No appointment is necessary either! Just be sure to take note of our holiday hours.

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