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Postcard Wallets


14 ½ x 18 for postcard size
8 ½ x 11 for  for business card size—makes good practice size.

A creative way to collect postcards or business cards from your favorite places.
Practice on inexpensive paper and then graduate to decorative papers or 2-sided papers.
Yucandu carries large sheets of handmade papers and 12×12” scrap-booking papers.

1.    If your paper has a color or pattern, or you stamped on it, begin with that side facing up.
2.    Bring short top edge down to meet bottom edge, and crease at CENTER FOLD.  (In other words, fold in half, horizontally.)
3.    Bring bottom raw edge (top front layer only) up to top folded edge.  Crease (HORIZONTAL CREASE) and unfold.
4.    Turn over and repeat on other side.  Unfold.
5.    On front layer, fold bottom raw edge up.  About 1/2“ to create a small hem.
6.    Turn over and fold a matching hem on the back layer.
7.    On top layer, fold bottom corners up to (but not over) the HORIZONTAL CREASE.  Turn over and repeat.
8.    On the front layer, refold on existing HORIZONTAL CREASE.  Repeat on other side.
9.    Unfold the crease in middle.
10.    With folded corner pieces to the back, rotate your paper so that you see one CENTER FOLD across the center of paper.
11.    Bend short sides (right and left) toward center to each other.
12.    Slip corners of one end into pockets of other end.  Slide two ends together until you reach desired size.  Press down firmly on folded sides.
13.    Hints:  You can fold this from a larger piece of paper to form a portfolio.  Try different types of paper such as maps, posters, a magazine page, wrapping paper.  To make a portfolio to hold letter sized paper, use a sheet 28 x 40”.



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