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Fairy Gardens - Limited Quantity

A Fairy Garden Party is a $550 flat rate that covers up to 10 artists.  It’s $55 per additional guest, with the ability to host a total of 24 artists during open hours or 40 after hours.  Call 314-963-4400 to book your party.
Samples are available for inspiration, however your project can be as original as you like!


Indulge in the enchantment of a Fairy Garden Party!  Little fairy gardens, a timeless delight, captivate both kids and adults, igniting imaginations.  Join the magic as we celebrate the enduring popularity of these miniature wonders.

Grades K thru Adult
Host a private Fairy Garden Party for 8 or more guests.  Dive into 2 hours of enchantment as you craft magical miniature worlds inside house-shaped shadow boxes.  Our fairy garden party package includes everything you see here and more, offering endless possibilities for creativity.  Each guest will craft their own unique garden to take home—a truly magical experience!   

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