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By registering for a Yucandu workshop, camp or club, you agree to the following:

Kindness & Respect
Our goal is to foster a positive environment filled with creativity and camaraderie for both our students and parents. You and your child agree to treat all participants of Yucandu’s art programs with kindness and respect.

Getting Messy
We will have fun and get messy! You will make sure your child is properly dressed for Yucandu. This means wearing shoes and clothing that is okay to get “painty”.

Respecting Materials
We use a wide range of materials in our art projects including: paint, non-toxic glues, tiles, pastels, fiber, hammers, screw drivers, scissors, and other sharp objects, and more. While we do our best to monitor every child’s use of these materials, accidents may occur from time to time due to the inherent risk in using these materials. You understand that these materials are not meant for consumption and will instruct your child not to consume any materials and to always conduct themselves in a safe manner.

Safety First
The safety of your child and other children is our top priority. You acknowledge that your child has no physical, emotional, or social conditions that make it dangerous or unwise for your child to safely participate in our art programs. Running in the art studio is dangerous for both your child and others around them so your child agrees not to run or “horseplay” when participating in Yucandu’s art programs.

Permission to Share
We love promoting our art events. We may take photographs, video and/or audio (the “Media”) during our art classes to post on our social media. We are the sole owner of any media and may use it with our sole discretion. You grant us permission to use your child’s image without any restriction and waive your right to inspect or approve the Media.

Permission to Participate
You give your permission for your child to participate in Yucandu Art Studio’s programs. You release and hold Yucandu Art Studio harmless from any and all liability that may arise in connection with the studio’s art programs.

Cancellation Policy
If you cannot attend: We understand that things happen. Although your fee cannot be refunded, we have options for you that we hope you consider to be helpful and fair.
1. You may give or sell your spot to a friend or family member. Please notify us of their names and grade levels. or Call: 314-963-4400
2. You may opt for us to create a kit with your supplies. You may use the complete kit at home or in the open-studio at your convenience, where you can take as long as you need. There will be a $5/hour studio fee to help cover costs of set up, assistance, and clean up. This is NOT a drop off time. Notify us of your choices please and we will hold your kit for up to 30 days.

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