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Summer Art Camps 2016


Yucandu offers safe & creative camps for both kids & adults
with awesome materials & amazing projects in an inspiring environment.

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Price Qty*
May 31-June 3 (Tues-Fri) $145.00 (USD)   Sold Out
June 6-9 (Mon-Thurs) $145.00 (USD)   Expired
June 20-23 (Mon-Thurs) $145.00 (USD)   Expired
July 5th-8th (Tues-Fri) $145.00 (USD)   Sold Out
July 18th-21st (Mon-Thurs) $145.00 (USD)   Sold Out
Aug. 1st-4th (Mon-Thurs) $145.00 (USD)  

Description: A wonderful well-rounded camp where campers will imagine it and then create it.
It’s an artsy week for the kids – and time off for you!
Food: Bring a healthy snack.
Time: 9:30am – 12pm

painted-birdhouse  shadow-box-3d-sculpture k-2-holding-collage  clay-2D-relief-sculpture
Projects include:  click on image to enlarge
Painted Wood Birdhouses–Paint a real outdoor birdhouse with plenty of colorful patterns.
Shadow Box–Paint & paper these wonderful little cubbies to create a 3D Paper Collage,
Clay Sculpture–Using artist quality tools & air-dry clay, create a 2D Relief Hanging Sculpture.

Price Qty*
June 13-16 (Mon-Thurs) $255.00 (USD)   Expired
June 27-30 (Mon-Thurs) $255.00 (USD)   Sold Out
July 11-14 (Mon-Thurs) $255.00 (USD)   Sold Out
July 25-28 (Mon-Thurs) $255.00 (USD)   Sold Out
Aug 8-11 (Mon-Thurs) $255.00 (USD)  

Description: This camp packs several great art projects designed to provide a purpose for the camper’s room.  This camp offers more hours per day than any other camp we have, 4 1/2 hours/day for 4 days, and we will certainly make constructive & creative use of every minute!  Finish with an art show for family & friends, complete with lemonade & cookies.
Food: Please bring a sack lunch.
Time: 9:30am – 2pm

Mono-Printed Lantern  Mosaic Switchplate  Painted Weighted Doorstop or Bookend  Painted Wooden Words

Projects include:  click on image to enlarge
A Real Working Lantern–
campers will paint a wooden lantern and design mono-printed vellum panels that will glow with an electric light.
Mosaic Switch Plates–they will learn how to cut glass & ceramic tiles, create a design, use mosaic adhesive and grout.  There are several shapes to choose from, all designed by Yucandu.
Weighted Paper Mache Doorstop or Bookend–Everyone will get to “weight” their animal with sand before painting it to their liking–realistically or otherwise.
Painted Wooden Word–We created several words that can stand (no holes in the walls? no problem–yay!).  They will design patterns on the letters to a create a fun work of art that will look great in their rooms.

Art Show--We will finish the week with an art show for family & friends, complete with lemonade & cookies.  Campers set up their own displays and we review art show etiquette –all of which they absolutely LOVE.

Price Qty*
May 31-June 3 (Tues-Fri) $230.00 (USD)   Expired
June 6-9 (Mon-Thurs) $230.00 (USD)   Expired
June 20-23 (Mon-Thurs) $230.00 (USD)   Sold Out
July 5-8 (Tues-Fri) $230.00 (USD)   Sold Out
July 18-21 (Mon-Thurs) $230.00 (USD)   Expired
Aug 1-4 (Mon-Thurs) $230.00 (USD)  

Description: Cool off in the afternoon with an amazing variety of projects and awesome materials. Finish with an art show for friends & family, complete with lemonade & cookies.  The projects offer experiences in 2-D and 3-D, a variety of textures (glass, wood, fiber, paper, paint, and clay), as well as scale and techniques.  Not to mention–we make sure to include the “FUN” factor when we plan our projects!

Food: Please bring a healthy snack.
Time: 1 – 5pm

brick-doorstop  clay-2D-relief-sculpture  string-art-owl  selfie-collage-long-and-nar

Projects include: Click on image to image.

A Brick Mosaic Doorstop or Bookend–campers will learn how to cut glass and tile, how to create a thoughtful mosaic design and how to grout (a messy job–good thing they do it here).
String Art on 12×12″ Wood Panel--they will design their own template, transfer it to their panel with hammer and nails, and string their design with a colorful assortment of string and thread.
A “Selfie” Collage–Everyone will take their own selfie and then create a “selfie” summer-themed collage on a long and narrow board.  They’ll use handmade papers, maps, sheet music, plenty of fun, descriptive words and more…
Clay 2D Relief Sculpture–Using our professional clay tools, each person will create their own animal or design with our new favorite air-dry clay.  We’ll have them make a creative hanger for it too.Art Show:  And we can’t forget to mention the traditional camp favorite…THE ART SHOW!  We will finish the week with an art show for family and friends, complete with lemonade and cookies.
Price Qty*
June 27-30 (Mon-Thurs) $230.00 (USD)   Expired
July 25-28 (Mon-Thurs) $230.00 (USD)   Expired

Description:  We’ve discovered this age group is most available and actually, most creative in the evening–so we made this camp “after hours”.  There are a few changes from years past–the hours are extended to 4 hours each night, dinner out is on the last night of camp (included) and the first three dinners are BYOSD (bring your own sack dinner), and we added a third project!
Bring sack dinner first 3 nights. Dinner at local restaurant last night (included in fee).

mosaic-mirror  found-object-figure-sculptu   string-art

Projects include: click on image to enlarge.
Mosaic Mirror–Create a design from glass & tiles onto an 8×24″ mirror. You will learn how to use mosaic tools, such as tile nippers, a wet saw, a grinder, scorer and running pliers.
Found Object Figure Sculpture–Design an eclectic piece from all kinds of wonderful vintage finds we’ve been collecting for years. Read more about the found art sculpture on our blog by clicking here.
String Art–stain a plaque made from wooden planks before nailing in your original design and stringing it with your favorite colors.

Price Qty*
Collage (Thurs, June 23, 6-9pm) $55.00 (USD)   Sold Out
Collage (Fri, June 24, 9am-12pm) $55.00 (USD)   Sold Out
Mosaics (Thurs, July 21, 6-9pm) $55.00 (USD)   Expired
Mosaics (Fri, July 22, 9am-12pm) $55.00 (USD)   Expired
Painting With Wax (Thurs, Aug. 25, 6pm-9pm) $55.00 (USD)  
Painting With Wax (Fri, Aug. 26, 9am-12pm) $55.00 (USD)  

encaustic-painting-framed  encaustic-painting  pear
Painting with Wax–Learn how to mono-print with tinted waxes and also create a finished work of art by painting with wax and embedding handmade papers and found objects.

camp faq
  • Q: Does the grade level mean going out of or going into?

    This is totally your call.  Parents make this decision based on scheduling, car pools and maturity/skill levels.  To clarify, the Kindergarten age group does NOT include pre-K or junior K.
  • Q: If we need to miss a day or cancel all together what will happen?

    A:  All sales are final, but if you must cancel due to an emergency, we will do our best to switch you to another week of camp.  As far as missed days, we will do our best to get your camper caught up during the rest of their camp session.  However, missed days cannot be made up in another camp.
  • Q: What kinds of projects will they do?

    A:  In general, our camp projects:
Teach a variety of skills (building armatures, clay building techniques…),
Include several tactile experiences (fiber, wood, paint, clay, wire, paper, glass…),
Provide a balance of 2-D and 3-D techniques,
And require working in at least 3 scale sizes (S, M, L)
  • Q: Specifically what projects will they make?

    A:  We plan for 3 major projects and several small ones.  We like to take advantage of the consecutive days they’re here, so we create projects with “layers”.  This means they will be working on more than one project at a time and some of them for 3-4 days in a row.  For a really specific answer, samples can be seen in the studio by late spring–but, we hope you are excited about the experience as a whole, rather than the specific end-product.
  • Q: How does lunch or snack work?

    A:  The K-2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade campers need to bring a healthy snack please.  The 1st-5th grade campers need to bring a sack lunch. They will break together for as long as they need to, in the classroom or at the San Sai outdoor dining area.
  • Q: How does the dinner out work for grades 6-12th

    A:  For the 6th-12th grader’s evening meal, everyone needs to bring a sack dinner Mon, Tues and Wed.  On Thursday, we will go out to dinner at a neighboring restaurant, which is included in the fee—YAY!  We will provide a menu for them to choose their meal, order ahead of time and when the food is ready we all walk over and dine together.  The kids really enjoy this time, the leaders make sure everyone is sitting together and feeling like part of the group.  We walk over and back together.
  • Q: What should they wear?

    A:  Definitely wear clothes for getting messy.  We use artist-quality materials, which includes lots of paint that does not like to come out of clothes.
  • Q: If I sign my child up for more than one camp will they be doing different projects at the second camp?

    A:  The projects will be the same, but keep in mind, kids LOVE repetition.  Actually, repetition is a great opportunity to expand new skills and take them to the next level—similar to other kinds of camp like dance or soccer.  Usually we hear comments like “Oh, I LOVE this project!”  Multiple projects make for wonderful gift-giving opportunities too.
  • Q: Is there a discount for signing up for more than one camp?

    A:  No, our camps are already priced as low as we can offer them to you.
  • Q: What is the camper/counselor ratio:

    A:  We have at least 1 counselor for every 8 campers and of course, there are always plenty of other staff members around if further help is needed.