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Open Studio Hours:
Wed-Sat 10am-6pm;  Sun 12-4pm
Open Studio Nights:
Second Fridays 6-9pm with reservation.

Camp FAQ

Have questions about Yucandu Summer Camps? We have answers! Peruse our handy Camp FAQ for all of the info you need to know about Yucandu Summer Camps.

We plan for three major projects and several small ones. We like to take advantage of the consecutive days they’re here, so we create projects with “layers”.  This means they will be working on more than one project at a time and some of them for three to four days in a row. For a really specific answer, samples can be seen in the studio by late spring. We hope you are excited about the experience as a whole, rather than the specific end-product.

This is totally your call. Parents make this decision based on scheduling, car pools and maturity/skill levels.  However, the Kindergarten age group does NOT include pre-K or junior K.

All sales are final.  When possible, thorough take-home kits will be provided.  Because of the limited capacity and high demand of Yucandu Art Camps, we do not offer makeups or refunds for missed days, even if you know you will miss ahead of time.

The 1st-5th grade campers need to bring a sack lunch, and k-3rd and 3rd-6th grade campers a healthy snack.  They break together for as long as they need in the classroom or at the neighboring outdoor dining area. 

The 6th-9th grader’s need to bring a sack dinner.

In general, our camp projects:

  • Teach a variety of skills including building armatures, clay building techniques and more.
  • Include several tactile experiences working with fiber, wood, paint, clay, wire, paper and mosaic tiles.
  • Provide a balance of 2D and 3D techniques.
  • Work in at least three scale sizes (S, M, L).

We do not offer early drop off for campers and we ask we please pick up your child on time.  

The projects will vary to each camp theme. But, keep in mind that kids LOVE repetition.  Actually, repetition is a great opportunity to expand new skills and take them to the next level—similar to other kinds of camp like dance or soccer.  Usually we hear comments like “Oh, I LOVE this project!”  Similar projects make for wonderful gift-giving opportunities, too.

All campers are receiving the best price possible.

Definitely wear clothes for getting messy. We use artist-quality materials, which includes lots of paint that doesn’t come out of clothes.

We have at least one counselor for every eight campers. Of course, there are always plenty of other staff members around if further help is needed.


Please come inside the first day to drop off.  You will need to confirm registration info and cell numbers. After that day, you may drop off at the door.  However, please come inside each day to pick up your camper.

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